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Packaging Appraisal & Environmental Options

Have you considered how you are packing, or have you always packed the same way? Time is always a commodity we never seem to have enough of. If we can speed up your packing process and make it more efficient, we might save you time and money!

We have experience of designing packing rooms, installing machinery or just simplifying the packing process itself. Call us today for a completely free Packaging Appraisal.

We are being asked more than ever to offer re-designs on customer packaging to eliminate plastics or offer an easy recyclable option for end users and promoting the fact you are environmentally aware.

We can propose a full package to offer the best Eco based packaging options while still protecting your precious goods in transit. Do your bit and help the environment!

Call Off Orders & Stock Holding

At Barton Jones we can take away the stress of holding excess packaging stock and deliver it to you exactly when you need it. Free up your valuable space to enable you to hold more of the products you sell and generate revenue from. Deliveries can be scheduled when you need them, be that monthly, weekly or even daily. Cost savings are generally offered for greater quantities manufactured so it could be a double win for you!


Stock Replenishment

In addition to holding stock we can visit your warehouse to check your current stock levels, we will then arrange to deliver at an agreed time. Barton Jones will take full responsibility for ordering and stock control with a covering order from you. Helping you to be more efficient!



Machine Automation

Have you considered automation of your packaging process? A machine can work effectively and consistently and at a faster rate than packers. In most cases the Return on Investment is less than 2 years. We can provide many options such as case erectors, case sealers, pallet wrappers and much more! Please click here to see the link back to our machinery section or feel free to call us for information on how we can make you pack faster for less outlay




Management Reports

We can offer monthly stock reports where required which can be extremely useful if Barton Jones are either stock holding or providing a stock replenishment agreement for you. We can include all information including pricing, stock levels and replenishment quantities we have on order. In addition, we can also provide full yearly management reports for the purpose of completing Packaging Waste Evaluations.