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Environmental Responsibility

Barton Jones Packaging, like many other companies, acknowledges our social responsibility towards climate change. We are committed to embracing greener alternatives throughout our operations in order to minimise our environmental impact. By setting an example and adopting packaging processes and materials that reduce our ecological footprint, we aim to inspire others to do the same. We understand the challenges associated with implementing environmentally friendly options, as they may not always be the most cost-effective. However, we are more than willing to offer assistance in any way we can.


Buildings: Regarding our buildings, we have installed Low Emission LED lighting in all our offices and production facilities, while our warehouse is equipped with PIR LED lighting that only illuminates as needed.


Vehicles: In terms of our vehicles, we currently have two fully electric and one hybrid vehicle for our sales representatives. Our goal is to transition all our passenger vehicles to full electric models once their leases expire. As for our commercial vehicle fleet, we will review it when suitable models are available on the market that can provide the necessary range while maintaining the level of service we currently offer.


Manufacturing: Our manufacturing machinery is modern and energy-efficient, incorporating the latest technology. We will continue to update our machinery to enhance operational efficiency.


Carbon Footprint: To address our carbon emissions, we have determined our business’s carbon footprint and are offsetting the corresponding amount of CO2 emissions through sustainable initiatives verified by the Verified Carbon Standard. Additionally, we are further offsetting our total emissions by an additional 20%, ensuring that we achieve net zero emissions in our facility. We review our calculations annually and always aim to overcompensate by 20%.


Waste: Given that the packaging industry is under scrutiny for waste and recycling, we are always at the forefront of adopting new products and market innovations. The corrugated industry, in particular, has been recycling for over 100 years, with approximately 75% of the material we supply today being recycled. Furthermore, all our in-house waste is collected and recycled into new corrugated material. We comply with the Packaging Waste Directive of 1997 set by the government, as well as the new Extended Producer Responsibility legislation that came into effect in 2023.

Sustainable Operation

In our production today approximately 75% of the material we supply is recycled with all of being 100% recyclable all our in house waste is collected and recycled into new corrugated.

We help our clients achieving higher level of sustainability with our environmentally friendly packaging products and solutions.