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Environmental Packaging


Promote your environmental credentials with environmentally friendly products. Social awareness is very topical with customers expecting and appreciating what their online providers are doing in order to help protect the environment. We can help you be greener! Look for labels next to all our environmentally friendly products.




Paper Tape

Paper tape is the most common immediate change made to move away from plastic-based tape. Paper tape can be branded in the same way as any printed tape with safe water-based inks. The tape can be composted and recycled in the usual waste streams without the need for separation from the carton and there is less prospect of plastic-based waste being left in landfill.

Self-adhesive tape is a direct alternative to your regular filmic tapes. The rolls will work on your current handheld and desk top dispensers

Gummed Paper Tape is worth considering to alternative to regular filmic tapes. If you seal corrugated cartons and containers you may well find you are able to save money and operate more efficiently.

Strong, Tamper Evident, 100% Recyclable, Temperature Tolerant, Improved Presentation, Cost Saving, Increased Productivity .

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Corrugated Packaging

Corrugated is a very environmentally friendly product with recycling dating back to over 200 years ago, your common grades of box are generally around 70% recycled content. We can offer cartons from 100% recycled material please ask for a quote.


If you are currently using plastic-based inserts to protect your products, we can offer you free re-designs to remove plastic from your packaging and offer protective corrugated inserts.

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Starch Void Fill

Corn & Potato starch have been protecting products for many years in the form of the loose fill chips. This product is 100% home compostable and will in no way harm the environment. The unique way the chips interlock and pack down offer unrivalled protection for your goods in transit. View Air Bags 

eco voidfill

Paper Void fillTardis Paper

Paper void fill and full paper machine systems offer great protection and are Eco friendly. The papers are mostly fully recycled and of course 100% recyclable. We can supply single paper rolls for small applications or full systems in a high usage environment.

Eco Nutz

An alternative to polystyrene loose fill chips but are made from recycled paper and are 100% recyclable. They are re-usable and also suitable for composting.