Postal Tubes

Cardboard postal tubes are generally made to order and can be supplied with or without plastic end caps. We can offer custom print and coloured paper outers. Sizes range from 19mm to 1220mm internal diameter and lengths over 5 metres. The maximum wall thickness is 25mm. Please contact us for a quote to your requirements. In addition to posters we have previously supplied tubes for all the following applications. Please add to enquiry below to discuss with us further.

  • Carpet and Textile Tubes
  • Display and Exhibition Tubes
  • Firework and Pyrotechnic Tubes
  • Piling Tubes and Column Formers
  • Tape and Film Centres
  • Tubes for TV and Film Sets

Custom Product

If a standard product does not suit your requirements we can make it fit your needs.


Made from at least 65% recycled paper. Fully recyclable and OK to compost.

From UK Stock

Direct from our UK Warehouse based in Letchworth, Hertfordshire, UK.