Shrink Film

For securing large loads with a watertight protection whether that is a boat or pallet polythene shrink film is a very versatile option. We can supply various types of polythene shrink film from centrefold sheeting to bags or pallet covers. Most products are bespoke made to order but we do carry a small range of film and bags from stock.

The film is secured to the product by the use of a propane gas heat gun, we recommend the Ripack ™ range of guns for their reliability and excellent safety features. We can offer the full range of accessories to make applying the film easier such as the film roll holder and gas trolley.


Custom Product

If a standard product does not suit your requirements we can make it fit your needs.

From UK Stock

Direct from our UK Warehouse based in Letchworth, Hertfordshire, UK.


Product can be 100% recycled.