Air Bag Void Fill Systems

Air bag void fill systems are the most versatile and cleanest systems available. We can supply a number of different systems to suit your packing area or even offer a complete integrated system. The speed of packaging is increased dramatically over alternative void fills. Polythene material systems are considered the cheapest void fill option currently available in the market and are 100% recyclable. Systems can be rented or supplied free of charge depending on volume and the range of smaller machines available for outright purchase is increasing at competitive pricing. Environmental concerns are being addressed by offering films which are 100% recycled or re-processed, sugar cane films that are CO2 positive and fully compostable films made from potato starch.

Please contact us for a full appraisal and demonstration at your site. Materials can be found here


Custom Product

If a standard product does not suit your requirements we can make it fit your needs.

From UK Stock

Direct from our UK Warehouse based in Letchworth, Hertfordshire, UK.


Product can be 100% recycled.