Packaging - Pallet Wrap

Pallet wrap or stretch film is vital in stabilising loads in transit. It also offers a level of protection against dirt and moisture. The black film is good for when security is an issue as hides the contents of the wrapped pallet.

Pallet wrap is available in many stock grades for both hand and machine application. Blown film is more common for hand applied pallet film and is characterised by its sticky feel and is noisy as it is released from the roll. Cast film is more common for machine applied applications and has high clarity and quiet when released from the roll.

Smaller items can easily be bundled together with the mini stretch film, for low volume pallet wrapping hand rolls are the most commonly used.

Hand Applied Wrap

Pallet Wrap hand applied images
Code Size & Description Pack Qty
STR40030017 400mm x 300m Stretch film 17mu Extended core - Blown 6
STR40030020 400mm x 300m Stretch film 20mu Standard core - Blown 6
STR40025023 400mm x 250m Stretch film 23mu Extended core - Blown 6
STR40020034 400mm x 200m Stretch film 34mu Extended core - Blown 6
STR500250BLK 500mm x 200m BLACK Stretch film 25mu Standard core - Blown 6
STR500300CAST 500mm x 300m Stretch film 20mu Standard core - Cast 6
STR100150 100mm x 150m MINI Stretch film 17mu - Cast 45

Wrap Dispensers

Dispensers for stretch film are available to enable easier wrapping of your pallets
Pallet Wrap dispensers images

Machine Applied Wrap

Where high volume applications are present it is more often than not better to use machine applied film. The machines offer perfect wrapping every time and yield better use of the film. We can offer advice dependant on your product and distribution methods to enable to supply the correct machine for the job whether that be a static turntable machine, a mobile robot wrapper or a horizontal machine for long awkward to wrap products like tubes or frame edges.
Code Size & Description Pack Qty
STR500185015 500mm x 1850m Pre Stretched machine film 15mu 1
STR500150023 500mm x 1500m Pre Stretched machine film 23mu 1
STR5001350BLK 500mm x 1350m Black machine film 23mu 1
Pallet Wrap machine applied images