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Packaging Appraisal

We are more than happy to assess your current packaging to see if we can offer alternative methods or materials to save on your spend. It is not always just the cost of the material which is costing you money. Quite often we have seen the method of packaging does not always offer the best value in terms of time spent. A pack re-design can sometimes be beneficial; even though the material cost is more expensive the packer is much more efficient and can turn out more packages per hour.

Labour cost must be considered when assessing packaging. We have had customers who repeat order because they have always had that product and are sometimes unaware what else is available. Company’s products and service offering change over time and the packaging used is often overlooked.

External pack size is also often overlooked especially for overseas shipments where carriage is charged volumetrically, if we can reduce pack size we can reduce your spend on carriage. This is a free service and so far we have never left a company without offering something of benefit. Please contact the sales office for more information.