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Environmental Impact

By its nature packaging is a very environmentally friendly. Environmental awareness in packaging is a very hot topic for those involved in it directly along with Marketing Departments or those with a level of Corporate Social Responsibility. It is becoming increasingly important for end users to know where their packaging is derived, so the retail sector is heavily driving the issue. PR and Marketing departments are using this as a tool to make the general public aware and influence their buying decision. The Packaging Industry is only too aware of measures that need to be taken and has now for many years been actively recycling or looking at alternative products that are better for the environment.

Corrugated the largest volume of sales for us is very green. Corrugated has been recycled for over 100 years now and the recycled content of our boxes is upwards of 75%. Some grades are 100% recycled and we can request this grade specifically for you if required. The majority of our stock boxes are sourced through FSC accredited suppliers. Every carton is 100% recyclable; typically the paper fibres are recycled 8 times during their life span.

Polythene products are all fully 100% recyclable and again are available in recycled grades or even with an additive to help with degradation over time. These two main product areas cover well over 90% of the products we supply so essentially you are purchasing a product that has a direct link back through a recycling loop if it was not already derived from one.

We should try and educate where possible to Reduce, Re-use, Recycle as this is by far the best method to approaching the environmental situation we presently find ourselves in. If you would like more specific information on the products you purchase, the environmental aspects of it or potential alternative products please contact the sales office.

Reuse Reduce Recycle