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About Us
Barton Jones Packaging was established in 1993 to provide a Local Packaging Service delivering quality products at competitive pricing, but most importantly a service which is second to none within its own trading area. We are a single site family run company with traditional core values that have remained with the business this past 20 years.

Why use Barton Jones Packaging
We truly believe we have our customer’s best interests at heart. We offer a friendly unbiased service and will aim to deliver the best possible service supplying good quality products. We are supported by some of the UK’s biggest packaging manufacturers and have a solid base of local independent suppliers of which we have built close trading relationships during our 20 year history. A quote that we often use in the office “you are only as good as your suppliers” is quite meaningful and bears a reflection on the importance we place in selecting them.

You have never heard of Barton Jones Packaging?
This does not come as any real surprise to us, we are a single site company and we don’t advertise nationally, our interest is for local businesses who we feel we can help support. We target customers based on where we feel we are in the strongest position to offer them an unrivalled service. More and more of our business is gained through recommendation by word of mouth and we feel this is a true reflection of our service. Our growth over the 20 years has been consistent and steady meaning we look after our current customers before over stretching resources with the demands of new customers. We will not give false promises and let you down. If we sound like the type of company you could work with we would love to hear from you.
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